Have You Heard Of The Pajama Program...


A couple of months ago a friend of mine posted about The Pajama Program. As I read her post and watched a short video (see below) I instantly feel in love with this charity. I couldn't send her a message fast enough and I wanted to know all the deets. When we started the discussion we first decided to make the theme pajamas. I mean who doesn't want to chill in pj's on Sunday and also the kids would have a blast! So yesterday was "the day" and it took place at our Country Club. This was the first time I ever hosted a charity event and I was completely impressed! We had an amazing turn out and a HUGE box of pajamas for the kids in need!!!! My heart is full and I cant wait to host another one in the future! If you have a minute please check it out and of course if are able to donate that would be awesome. No child should ever go to bed without pajamas...

Here is the video:



Here is the website: