Oh The Places You Go and The Things You Find...

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Today I partnered up with Heather Steyn of Heathertique!!!!!

1. Because like snowflakes no home décor style is the same... Heather thinks my style is awesome and that it may be a prerequisite for her business to grow (what an honor to be apart of).

2. Interior Design is "Jess Sayings" strength and building a foundation for a future home décor business is just a neat thought any way you look at it!

3. We are curators not boxed!

4. Being sustainable by repurposing pre-owned items is just my thing and I cant wait to share our fun finds!!!!

So excited for 2017 and the things to come :)

Check out the website at https://www.heathertique.com/ and be sure to follow on Instagram, Pinterest, Houzz, Etsy, Twitter and Facebook!