You Got That Table From Where... LOL

My Inspo...

So with the month to month struggle of our living room also came projects... Here are the steps it took me to be happy! When trying to find ideas my go to's are Pinterest and Houzz.

Step 1

Here is the first step in my table make-over! So after finding my Inspo I ran right to Ikea and bought the table only to realize that the size was a little small for our area... My sweet neighbor came over and suggested for me to purchase another table to layer it up and what a difference that made!


Step 2

Obviously our house has a lot of whites so I wanted to warm it up. I went to Michaels and purchased a bronze spray paint because the gold was NOT the shade I was going for. After several coats I couldn't believe my eyes.

Step 3

My creation!!!! Nothing more rewarding then seeing what a trip to Ikea and a couple bottles of spray paint can do. Less then $200 and I've searched lots of sites and would have doubled or tripled the price on a table like this. YAY!!!!

FullSizeRender (7).jpg