About Me

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Why This Blog..

This blog was inspired because on a daily basis I get questions about things like,  Where I get my hair done? Who does my eyebrows? Where I got a top from? The list goes on and on.  So when I started to notice a pattern I thought why not put it all out there for everyone to read and follow! Also, who knows what it will lead to and what I can learn from it!  There are some key points that all make up who I am and how this blog came to be. My love of: Family, Fashion, Beauty, Skin Care, Fitness, Decorating and Travel. I am not your ordinary girl, in not your ordinary world and I wouldn’t have it any other way.




Family~ My party of 6 is made up of; Me, my way cute hubby and 4 amazingly busy beautiful kids! I was an only child (and it was lonely!) so it’s no wonder that I had four children! Ranging in ages from 17 to 5 it is NOT a dull household and I LOVE it!



Fashion~ One of my biggest loves past my fun party of 6,is to make inexpensive things look expensive. Spending lots of money on clothes is not my favorite thing to do because I like to change up what I wear and to me spending a lot of money on trendy/seasonal items seems like a waste. Not only because I don’t like to repeat my outfits, but also, if I spilled something on an item that was expensive and ruined it I would feel sick! There is a caveat to the spendthrift inside-- I do think spending money on purses and shoes is a must--but these are anchor pieces and can last a long time with good care!! I do love giving fun tips and dressing friends--hence the name, ‘Jess Saying’...


Fitness~ Being physically fit for me is a MUST!!! I love yoga, pilates and running when the weather is cooler. Eating healthy is key and explaining to the kiddos why fruit is better than, fries and organic is important. BUT, I do have a weakness---Mac and Cheese(!!) It is hands down my weakness and will try it just about every time I see it on a menu.



Decorating~ I also love, love,love creating and designing home interiors. In fact I can be a design perfectionist for sure. Home Goods is in fact my all-time favorite place to buy home accessories and Ikea has become another fav spot --- my building skills have become VERY good!!




Travel ~ Traveling with my party of six crew is a fun, soul-growing must too.Traveling with the kids has become easier over the years and seeing their little faces finding new places is beyond priceless. Having a “party of six” is lots of preparation for traveling but so worth it in the end.